The 10 best places to visit in Daejeon

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1. Jang Taesan Natural Recreation Forest

The area of ​​the area is 815,855㎡, and the capacity of 6,000 people per day is a natural recreation with the only metasequoia forest in Korea created since the 1970s. Jang Tae-san Natural Recreation Forest was created and operated by the civilians for the first time in the country.

2. Eungneungjeong Sky Road

Daejeon Sky Road is a large LED video arcade structure with a length of 214 meters, a width of 13.3 meters, and a height of 20 meters. It is the center of shopping and culture that many young people visit because it is crowded with department stores, underground shopping malls, and galleries.

3. O World

Daejeon Urban Corporation opened Daejeon O World on May 1, 2009 by creating 100,000 m² of flower land by spending 40 billion won near the existing Daejeon Zoo and Amusement Garden (Joyland) in Sajeong-dong, Jung-gu, Daejeon. O World consists of Flower Land, where you can see various flowers, Zoo Land, a zoo, and Joy Land, where various rides are located. 

4. Chudong Artificial Ecological Wetland

This place is a place where you can feel the beauty of Obaekri-gil, Daecheongho, a travel destination that emerges in the slow culture, with a spectacular view of silver grass and reeds in autumn. In addition, it is an ecologically important function due to its high biodiversity because various kinds of creatures live together, and it also plays a self-cleaning role to purify various contaminated water flowing from the surroundings and to flow clean water.

5. Daeheung-dong Cultural Street, Daejeon

Daeheung-dong Cultural Street in Daejeon is a treasure trove full of interesting elements for city travelers. There are buildings and cafes with a sophisticated urban image, and breathtaking scenery that reminds me of the nostalgia of the 70s and 80s. Performances are lined up in small theaters, and old buildings in old alleys are decorated with large murals to add a vintage look. There is no place like Daeheung-dong Cultural Street because you can feel the romance of Daejeon connecting the past and the present. On the other hand, it is a space in the city that is falling behind, and on the other hand, it is a friendly space where analog scenery remains. So, the sensed people gather in Daeheung-dong.

6. Daejeon Museum of Art

The Daejeon Museum of Art was established as the first public art museum in Daejeon and the central region to contribute to the development of local art as well as Korean contemporary art, and to help everyone share a more relaxed and profound life by enjoying the results together. 

7. Hanbat Arboretum

Geographically, it is located in the central part of the Government Complex and Expo Science Park. The Dunsan Grand Park, designated as a neighborhood park on June 7, 1991, has a total of 569 thousand square meters, and is a mecca for cultural arts such as Daejeon Arts Center, Pyeongsong Youth Culture Center, Municipal Art Museum, and Lee Eung-no Art Museum. It is also a place to be.

8. Daejeon Expo Science Park

In Expo Science Park, there is the Hanbit Tower, the symbolic tower of Daejeon World Expo (1993), and the newly renovated Daejeon Expo Memorial Hall to commemorate the Daejeon World Expo, and at the World Expo Memorial Museum, where souvenirs and symbols of EXPO held in various countries are displayed, 200 The Daejeon Transportation Culture Center is operated, where visitors can enjoy the history of EXPO over the years, and children can experience the history of transportation-related education and transportation.

9. National Science Museum

Built on a land of 50,000 pyeong under the theme of'Harmony between nature and humans and science', the National Science Museum of Korea distributes science and technology and knowledge through collection, research, and exhibition of data on industrial technology, natural history, and science and technology. It was opened on October 9, 1990 in order to realize the goal of advancing through science and technology by promoting the science of science and technology. 

10. Daecheong Dam

When you climb to the observatory (Palgakjeong Rest Area), you can see Daecheong Lake more beautifully, and the Water Promotion Center located on the left side of the Daecheong Dam offers a variety of things to see about water, such as panoramic videos, water doctor computers, and magic vision. In particular, the grassy square is clean and provides a comfortable resting area. On the lakeside, freshwater fish spicy hotpot and grilled eel welcome many tourists.

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