The 10 best places to visit in Seoul

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1. Bukchon Hanok Village

Bukchon Hanok Village is located between Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, and Jongmyo Shrine, and is a traditional residential area with 600 years of history in Seoul. The traditional Hanok-gun is located in close proximity between the two huge palaces, and preserves numerous alleys of various shapes, showing the scenery of the historic city of 600 years. Now, it is used as a traditional culture experience hall or a hanok restaurant, so you can feel the atmosphere of the Joseon Dynasty even indirectly. 

2. Gyeongbokgung Palace

Gyeongbokgung Palace was built in 1395 by Taejo Lee Seong-gye as the new palace of the Joseon Dynasty. Gyeongbokgung Palace was also called'Bukgyeol' because its location is in the north compared to Donggung (Changdeokgung) or Seogung (Gyeonghuigung). Gyeongbokgung Palace (Historic Site No. 117) boasts the best scale and architectural beauty among the five largest palaces. The kings with the crowning ceremony in Geunjeongjeon, Gyeongbokgung are the 2nd Jeongjong, the 4th King Sejong, the 6th Danjong, the 7th King Sejo, the 9th King Seongjong, the 11th King Jungjong, and the 13th King Myeongjong.

3. Itaewon Gyeongridan-gil

Located between Itaewon Station and Noksapyeong Station, Gyeongnidan-gil is one of the best places to visit with Itaewon. Gyeongnidan-gil, which originated from the Army Central Accounting Corps, has recently become popular as a date course because it has unusual food and cute shops. Namsan is also located nearby, so it is good to see Seoul at a glance, and at night, you can enjoy different trips throughout the day as it boasts a different charm from the daytime. Unlike Itaewon, it lacks an exotic feel, but it is also the best place for travelers who love food tours.

4. Olympic Park

The Olympic Park is a great leisure space with forests and lawns, as the ruins of the Baekje period and the modern stadium are coexisting. Olympic Park, the legacy of the 88 Seoul Olympics, has become a major sports courtyard in Korea as well as a simple resting place for citizens who do not have a proper resting space in the city as the desire for health promotion increases due to the improvement of living standards of urban residents.

5. Namsan Tower

Namsan Seoul Tower is the first tower-shaped tourist attraction in Korea. The tower, which measures 236.7m in height, counts up to the height of Namsan, which is 243m above sea level. Namsan Seoul Tower consists of'Seoul Tower Plaza', which is open to the public in 40 years, and'N Seoul Tower', which has been leased and operated by CJ Foodville since 2005. 

6. Ssamji-gil

A new path of about 500m was created in Insa-dong, Seoul, where you can tell the story of every street. <Samji-gil>, opened on December 18, 2004, is a shopping mall specializing in crafts and has become a tourist attraction as a "new Insa-dong in Insa-dong." You can find all of the finest traditional crafts and modern crafts made by human cultural assets in Korea, as well as design products that exude Korean taste in <Samji-gil>. You can also taste representative Korean foods such as'Jeonju Bibimbap','Bulgogi','Bindae Tteok' and Korean traditional tea.

7. Han River Citizen Park Yeouido District (Yeouido Hangang Park)

Yeouido Hangang Park is located in Yeouido, the center of politics, finance, and media, and is a favorite spot for office workers and ordinary citizens due to its good accessibility by public transportation such as subway and bus. In addition, Bamseom and Yeouido Saetgang are relatively preserved, making it an ecological learning ground and a nature-friendly park. In addition, as a special project for the Han River Renaissance, facilities such as Water Light Plaza, Water Stage and Water Fountain, Waterfall of Light, Piano Waterway, Festival Land, and Yacht Marina have been newly created and are loved by citizens.

8. World Cup Park

World Cup Park is a beautiful island Nanjido with 80 million pyeong of land, which was built by landing about 92 million tons of garbage in Seoul for 15 years from 1978 to 1993. It consists of Nanji Hangang Park.

9. Seodaemun Prison

On October 21, 1908, after opening the door in the name of Kyungsung Prison, a national independence movement protesting against the Japanese imperialists was overthrown, and the Japanese imprisoned and arrested many of our patriots. As the number of prisoners increased, they built another prison in Gongdeok-dong, Mapo, which changed their name to Seodaemun Prison on September 3, 1912. On August 15, 1992, it was opened as the current Seodaemun Independence Park with the history of national suffering as much as the name change.

10. Lotte World

This is a theme park established and operated by Lotte Group to help people enjoy leisure and attract foreign tourists. Lotte World is an indoor theme park with the theme of adventure and mystery, Lotte World Adventure, Lake Park Magic Island, shopping mall, folk museum, ice rink, hotel, department store, etc. to solve tourism, leisure, shopping and culture in one place. It is a large-scale complex living space. 

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